Car Servicing


No matter what make, mode or age your car is we can service it. We know that everyone's budget is different that is why we can offer our customers genuine or pattern parts. We have been in the industry for many years and have gown our relationships with our suppliers to get the best price possible that we pass down to our customers.

Keeping your car serviced is very important to prolong the life of your motor. We recorded that all customers check their serving book to make sure their car is up to date with the servicing, by doing this you will keep your car starting first time every time.

Maintaining your vehicle is a MUST as their is so many moving parts, and liquids that need to be changed as they degrade. Servicing your car will also help with its performance and efficiency. Please note all parts are guaranteed by the manufacture.

One of our trained technicians can carry out your cars service normally within a day depending on parts, but if you require a courtesy car we can supply one by appointment only.

If you need to get your car serviced please contact us for a appointment, or pop in and we can give you a quote.