We invest heavily in the latest and greatest vehicle technologies and training to help solve problems and make the job more efficient so you get your car back in no time at all. As the car industry changes so must our techniques and ways of thinking, that's why with diagnostic allows us to offer you one of the most comprehensive services without affecting your warranty.

We are always updating our diagnostic equipment and subscriptions in order to keep up to date with software developments and coding so that we can continue to give our customers the service they expect.

With our latest diagnostic tools we are able to find potential problems and current problems that your cars computer has detected. With this information we are able to find the problem and carry out the repairs.

How does it work?

We can obtain this information by connection our diagnostic machine direct to your OBD port, normally located under the steering column. And for peace of mind their is no tools required to access your OBD port to access this information.

With all modern cars their are so many moving parts and electronics involved, when a problem occurs a code is then obtained by using a diagnostic machine to find the problem, each code corresponds to a fault that the manufacture has assigned it to. With this information we can then carry out the repairs. 

Does my car need to be diagnosed?

Have you ever started your car and noticed that the check engine light is on? well if this is the case then yes, you need to have a diagnostic machine connected to your vehicle. The engine light can come on for many reasons which is why its best to have it connected to a diagnostic machine to show what the problem may be. When connected it will show what the problem is with a code that can be cleared after the issue has been fixed.

Bosch KTS 590